Sustainable fashion is broad. (Just like ‘regular’ fashion, there, another misconception off the table). You can choose between vegan, fair, supporting women empowerment, natural fibers, bio materials, recycled, upcycled, circular and so on. Haven’t talked about the different styles yet! About time for a list filled with 8 of our ultimate favorites of this moment! An ever changing list, so enlighten us with your fav sustainable fashion brands 🙂

1 Reformation

Wauw. Thank you for existing! This brand is totally showing everyone how stunning sustainable fashion can be. The brands designs are elegant, feminine and colourful. The brand itself is clean, fair and from the most beautiful materials. You might be wearing repurposed vintage, deadstock (old, leftover fabrics from other designers, instead of sending it to landfills), or materials like tencell or renewable plant materials.

We could wear Reformation everyday. However… Our favorites are the dresses and jumpsuits which are just a little more pricey than we are used to. It makes you take care of your garment even more. (Something you should do with all your garments anyway)

Peppermint Dress $388 ; Boracay Dress $198 ; Poppy Dress $388 ; Lemongrass Jumpsuit $278

Available in many colors at Reformation

2 Matt and Nat

Bag-lovers pay attention. Well everyone, because we all need a bag so it better be a great designed, sustainable one!

We both love leather as a material. It is durable and beautiful. However not very friendly or sustainable per se. Matt and Nat shows us it can be different. Their leather is also durable, beautiful and feels like leather, but…is FAKE! Their leather is fake. Yes baby! In M&T’s own words ‘’We’re passionate and in awe of the world that surrounds us. Being inspired by MAT(T)erial and NATure means exploring the synergy between the two, the reflection of one on the other’’ .

Instead, they use recycled nylon, rubber and cork. The lining is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (approximately 21 per bag). To close off, it is all done in small factories in China where M&T have long standing relationships with.

Brave €150 ; Mercy €150 ; Bini €130 ; Kiara €165

Available in many colours. Also Men’s collections at Matt & Nat.

3 Naja

Spice up your outfit from underneath. Sexy underwear is key for some confidence, and confidence upgrades any outfit. Naja is premium lingerie with social impact.

Material wise, Naja is winning with their eco-conscious / recycled plastics materials and digital printing which saves gallons of water.

Social wise we can keep on talking. Some examples: Naja is employing mostly single mothers or female head of households, pays above market wages and include healthcare benefits. Also, the children from those mothers will receive books, school uniforms and school meals. Beauty all over!

Valentina Bustier Blue Talavera $110 ; Monica one piece Essaouira $78 ; Dara Sports Bra Borneo $65 ; Nude for all High Waist $22 at Naja.

4 MUD Jeans

Dreaming of a world without waste? Great, we too! And you can start accomplishing that dream with a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. MUD Jeans works circular, which is the best thing to do according to us. As the resources on our common mother earth are limited, it doesn’t make sense to let unworn clothes catch dust in your wardrobe, nor does it make sense to throw them away. That is why MUD Jeans collect old jeans back and transform them to new ones.

MUD Jeans is the only brand that completely works according to principles of the circular economy. Wearing them will spread the story.

Skinny Hazen €98 ; Cropped Mimi €98 ; Fave Straight €98 ; Flared Hazen €98

Available in more colors. Also men’s collections at MUD Jeans.

5 Mime et moi

Mime et Moi is not a sustainable brand per se. However we are fan and we do want to highlight this brand, as it is another approach to fashion. Mime et Moi is produced in Alicante, Spain with premium leather and craftsmanship.

Now the special feature: the heels are changeable! In a world of over-consumption this is a very welcome revolution. Buying one pair of shoes, getting stilettos, block heels, flat heels and sandals. It almost seems like a dream.

Indie Brown €190 ; Black Piping €175 ; Muse Berry €190 ; Petrol Velvet €205

They all come with two pairs of heels. Additional heels can be separately ordered at Mime et Moi.

6 Bellamy Gallery

Get your basics right with Mellamy Gallery. This fully transparent brand has nothing to hide, which they show on their price tags. Those price tags are a calculation of costs like transportation, production, materials and profit, so you can be sure you pay the right price.

The ideology of Bellamy Gallery is actually very simple. They get their items directly from the source, no hidden subcontractors or mediators. This creates transparency and eliminates costs. Their items are classic and timeless, in order to make you wear it every day, every year. To make sure you will do so and not get bored, they give two years free styling advice. In case the love ended for whatever reason, Bellamy Gallery asks you to give it a second life by giving your item to friends, or sending it back so Bellamy Gallery will make sure it gets recycled.

100% linen shiftdress €72 ; 100% cashmere vest €109 ; Striped dress in travel fabric €79 ; Separate collar €21

Also men’s and kid’s collections available at Bellamy Gallery.

7 Taj Amsterdam

What finished outfit goes without jewelry. However big or small, making a conscious decision has impact on the environment.

I got to know Taj Amsterdam when my brother and his GF gave me a ring for my birthday. I started loving it already when I saw the box which was made from natural materials and still looked chic. The ring was just a modern and abstract version of a classical design made from silver. Silver is usually a material that involves lots of dirty business. The fact that silver is already available all around us in means of old chandeliers, cutlery and old jewelry used Taj in their favor. They take the old silver as their material, melt it and use it for the newborn showpieces. The same goes for the gold btw.

The jewelry is handcrafted in Bali under fair circumstances and as a bonus Taj donates part of their profit to charity.

Earring Zelenia €49 ; Ring Lafayette €89 ; Bracelett Caireann €79 ; Pendant Unn €49

Also men’s collection available at Taj Amsterdam.

8 Veja

Vegan sneakers, recycled plastic sneakers, sneakers to protect the Amazon. Yes it exists. And it is more and more offered to you by the high streets. A great step forward and it is called Veja. The idea? ‘’standing up with one foot in design and the other in social responsibility.’’ The designers took a blanc paper and re-did and build up the sneaker from scratch. As said before, you can find many collections focussing on either vegan, plastic recycling, saving the amazon (rubber usage), and fair trade. But most importantly, all those good initiatives are (obviously) combined as much as possible. Is it then all perfect? No. Veja has limits to sustainable sourced materials, and they are super honest about it. You can read about all aspects and each detail on their website, including the limits. Such transparency is eye opening. Walk the earth green, step by step in your Veja’s 🙂

Esplar 3 Locks Extra White Gold €110 ; Holiday B-Mesh Nautico Burgundi Oxford Grey €115 ; V-10 Leather Terrazzo Pierre Pekin €125 ; V-10 B-Mesh Natural Marsala €110

Also men’s collection available at Veja.

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