The Talking Thread with the Fair Fashion Map of Rotterdam

Shopping? Don’t we always promote reuse and shop as less as possible? True, true. However, we’re also realists and understand that someone can’t go through a lifetime without buying anything new. Sometimes you just really need new things and when you can’t find it at a swap, the only option left is shopping. This doesn’t necessarily means shopping brand new items. Buying items from a vintage or second-hand shop is also shopping. And nothing wrong with that right? If second-hand or vintage isn’t your thing, the final ‘conscious’ way of shopping is shopping fair fashion brands. Fair Fashion Festival and the Municipality of Rotterdam want to promote this in Rotterdam and therefore have designed a map with all the fair fashion and secondhand or vintage shops on it. Brilliant! The Talking Thread decided to try it out and took a day in our agenda to enjoy conscious shopping in Rotterdam. Want to know where we went, what we shopped, or just what we had for lunch? Read on!

Fair Fashion Map RotterdamThis is the map and the route we followed. Because of lack of time we couldn’t visit all of the shops, but that’s immediately a great excuse to visit Rotterdam again!

12.00 – Rotterdam Central Station

Because Rotterdam is quite big and because of the distance we had to travel, we decided to go by bike. Nadia lives in Rotterdam, so she already had hers and Nadine and Florien rented bikes at the station. From there on we cycled to Nieuwe Binnenweg, a vibrant street where several vintage, second-hand and fair fashion shops are located.

Nadia and Flo cycling

12.30 – Savage Lily in Disguise (€)

After searching for a bit and walking through the wrong street thanks to Nadia’s navigation skills (haha), we arrived at the first shop. Savage Lily in Disguise is a shop where women’s and men’s vintage clothing is sold. If your style is a bit different and quirky, this is the place for you! What I liked about the shop is that that real vintage is sold, and not only claiming to do so. You could see nothing was newly made, but every item was unique and definitely from another era. Nadine tried on a trendy denim skirt (similar to the one behind the window), which unfortunately didn’t fit. In the meantime Florien tried on several scarves and Nadia gave her opinion.

Savage Lily in Disguise

12.45 –  Sister Moon (€€)

This was our favorite store for sure. Sister Moon sells second-hand and new clothes with an unique and Parisian touch. Going to a special event and want to stand out while looking fabulous? Go to Sister Moon and let owner Ron advise you! Nadine and Florien both found something in this store, which you can find at the end of this blog. Florien could’ve left with more, since she basically loved everything. But that’s not really conscious and necessary is it?

Sister Moon Rotterdam

Florien and Nadia trying on dresses while Ron advises them.
Florien and Nadia trying on dresses while owner Ron advises them.

13.30 – Joline Jolink (€€€€)

The first thing you will notice when entering the store, is the intense presence of minimalism. Joline Jolink clothes are timeless, classy, and designed to wear for many more years to come. Our favorite kind of ‘green’ fashion if you ask us!

Joline Jolink Rotterdam

Nadine in Joline Jolink

13.45 – Zilch (€€€)

Zilch is a store with colorful clothes and accessories from their own brand but also sells fair fashion brands such as Miss Green and PAEZ. The atmosphere in the store is light, chilled and positive. Fun, high quality, sustainable, and timeless pieces can be found at Zilch!

Florien and Nadine at Zilch Rotterdam
Florien is wearing jeans from the swap and vegan bag from Matt & Nat!

14.30 – Late lunch break at Hopper in Rotterdam Noord

Time to move! We chose to go to ‘Zwaanshalskwartier’ in the old north part of the city. It is an upcoming area with lots of little shops, artisans and of course fair fashion! Although this day was so much fun, surprisingly enough all three of us don’t really enjoy full shopping days, because it can get really tiring. So by the time we sat down for lunch, we were already a bit exhausted. Luckily, the lunch was plenty and delicious. We drank homemade juices and bio apple juice together with richly topped sandwiches. Very yummy! Fuelled and ready we strolled to street Zwaanshals, where multiple little unique shops are located.

Nadia, Nadine and Florien at Hopper Rotterdam Noord

15.30 – Natur-el (€€€)

After walking through Zwaanshalskwartier and realising almost all of the shops in that street are strangely enough closed on a Tuesday, we were happy to find out Natur-el was open. At Natur-el you can be 100% sure that every item they sell is produced under fair conditions. Some brands you can find at the store are Armed Angels, Miss Green and People Tree. They even sell recycled stockings from Swedish Stocking, so you can be conscious from head to toe!

Nadine and Florien at Natur-el Rotterdam Noord

16.30 – Hutspot (€€€)

Before leaving to the city center, we enjoyed some ice cream in Noord and headed back to the city center with three more shops on our list to visit. First stop is Hutspot, which a big store with many different trendy brands. However, only a few of those brands, such as O My Bag, Matt & Nat and Denise Roobol, are conscious. This can be a bit confusing which resulted in us quickly scanning the store, trying on some sunglasses, and nothing more. Nevertheless a very beautiful store worth visiting!

Hutspot Rotterdam

16.45 – Bellamy Gallery (€€€)

At Bellamy Gallery Nadia finally found something she can wear for many more years to come! The collections of Bellamy Gallery are nothing wild or extremely trendy, but timeless. Besides the materials, colors and print, the models of the pieces don’t change each season and have a classic fit. This way you can wear your Bellamy Gallery clothes for many more years to come! Using natural materials such as wool, linen, cotton, silk, while still being very affordable, might be one of the reasons why the Gallery is a success. Moreover, Bellamy Gallery is very transparent in their pricing. On each price tag, the brand allows you to see how the selling price is built by revealing the cost of material, delivery, labor, etc. Great right?

Nadia at Bellamy Gallery Rotterdam

17.30 – Filippa K (€€€€)

Everyone has that one brand they adore but never buy anything from it because of its budget. In our case, that’s Filippa K. We love the brand for its edgy timelessness and Scandinavian design. This store was great to end off with, because we were too tired to try on anything anyways. This way we could admire the garments and be wise enough to not buy anything!

Filippa K in Rotterdam

Florien in Filippa K Rotterdam

After a very fun day filled with laughter, sun and beautiful clothes, it was time to go home. We really recommend using this map on your next shopping trip. It’s so helpful and easy to use. So next time you go shopping in Rotterdam, avoid the main shopping area such as ‘Lijnbaan’ and ‘Koopgoot’. Instead, try some new streets with help of the map, and you will also discover unique neighborhoods, and great, surprising shops. You can find the map in this blog, and a printed one in the fair shops, cafe’s in the fair shopping areas and Rotterdam Central Station at Tourist info. Now the final thing left to do is to show you our purchases!

Nadine in her skirt from Sister Moon
Nadine in her skirt from Sister Moon
Nadia in her top from Bellamy Gallery
Nadia in her top from Bellamy Gallery
Florien’s first proper LBD (can you believe it) from Sister Moon which can be worn in two ways!
Florien’s first proper LBD (can you believe it) from Sister Moon which can be worn in two ways!

Florien’s first proper LBD (can you believe it) from Sister Moon which can be worn in two ways!

Don’t forget to attend the Fair Fashion Festival on the 17th of June 2017, where Nadia will give a talk about her ‘I Buy Nothing’ challenge!