What if a clothing piece and its threads could talk? What would it say? It might tell you that it was made by an under aged boy that has to work 12 hours per day for a very low wage in unhealthy working conditions. Or maybe it would tell you that its price is more expensive than you’re used to, because the lady that made the piece, receives a fair wage and the fabric that is used is better for the environment. Would it affect your buying behaviour?

This platform is designed to inform you and give you tips and tricks in how to wear, treat, and buy fashion more consciously, without making it too complicated and time-consuming. After all, shouldn’t fashion be fun and easy?


We are going to contribute to making the world fairer and more sustainable by slowing down the fashion industry.


To educate people of all races, gender, classes and age about the unfamiliar side of the current fashion industry in a transparent and optimistic way.

Meet the team


Hi, I am Nadia and currently live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I love the urban life for all its opportunities, bustle and different people. Never a dull moment! But sometimes I just like to retreat in my cosy apartment. In this place I like to have friends and family over, work on and make my own clothing, enjoy my boyfriend’s delicious food and plan upcoming trips.

Something I can’t throw away? A very old cloth, full of tiny holes, that used to be my mom’s. I remember her wearing it around her neck all the time (it actually smells a bit like her perfume back then). Now I mainly use it as a hairwrap against the sun during my travels.


Hi there, I’m Florien and currently live in Breda, the Netherlands. I love to enjoy some good food and wine together with my friends.  If I could, I would go skiing in the French Alps with my boyfriend and visit my family in South Africa every year. In real life, I keep myself busy with becoming an expert on sustainable and fair fashion. Oh yeah, I also work, but nothing interesting about that!

Something I can’t throw away? My six year old, coffee stained, chambray blue, silk scarf from Thailand.