Ripped jeans, it’s a thing. But what if it is not your thing? When you think they’re not hip anymore? Or find them too cold now that fall has begun? We’re here to give you some DIY inspiration to pimp up your ripped jeans. And no, that does not include ‘just throw them away’, because why would you? Jeans always deserve a second life!

The Old Classic

Before we go to the fancy-pancy tricks, let us show the old classic. It’s very simple, but you need a sewing machine. Place a piece of fabric or old jeans behind the hole (make sure the piece is bigger than the hole, dûh, but just don’t forget) and zig-zag it through the sewing machine. It will be stronger than ever before. Ta-daaaa! Click on the picture for the DIY.

Wear Stockings Underneath

One of the hottest trends of the last season is wearing stockings under ripped jeans. And then we’re not talking about regular 80 denier black stockings, but about fun, alternative ones. You can wear fishnet ones, big or small, laced ones, dotted ones, whatever you want. It’s your party! Want to make a sustainable choice? Try the amazing stockings and designs from Swedish Stockings. Or an old one of course 😉  

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Swedish Stocking Rut Net Black €24

Patch ‘Em Up!

Is it just us, or are patches everywhere? They are hip and trendy, ánd cover up problematic damages. You can either go for fancy patches, or get creative and recycle even older (or less favourite) jeans. The easiest option is ‘iron-on’ patches, and just a little more handiness is required for the stitching ones. You can choose to put them behind your jeans, in front of your jeans, a combination of stitching and patching…  Well you know what? Make it personal and to your very own liking! 

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Monstrous Denim

Looks like the last suggestion, but just a bit different! Despite the fact that the tutorial that follows is a little childish, we think this can be really funny for a fashionista’s jeans. Get creative and make your own monstrous version!


Get Your Weave On

Something totally different from the other options is this woven one. It’s neat, very much ‘DIY-doable’, and you can remove it again if you want. Use thick thread and off you go. Click on the bottom picture for instructions!

The Unfixable

Are you reading this and think ‘well… this will not work, my jeans is not savable’? Still no reason for dumping it! Pinterest is full of ideas to recycle your jeans. Just search for ‘Jeans DIY’ and you will be overloaded with DIY’s for denim bags, bracelets, pillows, rugs, accessories or even stuffed animals. Still not it? Then just tear them up and ‘make’ a cleaning cloth 😉

Click on the pictures for the DIY’s or inspiration!



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