Have you ever wondered why everything has to be new? Why do we need new clothes? Why do new clothes have to be made from new materials? Why? This year, at 1st August, we reached World Overshoot Day. The day when we used up all the materials mama earth can produce in one year. From that day on we use up reserves. I like to introduce you to the concept of B-rolling according to The Talking Thread Clothingswap. 

Swapping clothes. It is a beautiful concept that we strongly believe in. Guests bring in beloved items, we create a shop from all the items, and the guests can shop the amount of items they brought in. Easy as that, but with an ideology. With swapping clothes we extend the lifetime of a garment. That means no extra materials used, no extra pollution. On average, a woman owns 172 pieces of garment. Can you imagine the immense wardrobe we own together?! Never a ‘I have nothing to wear-day’.

However, it is the vibe that inspires most. While one might be done with a beloved item, somebody else might fall in love with it. In that case you are giving ‘rubbish’ another life, as the perfectly fine garment would have otherwise gone to landfill. A ‘B’ product is turned into an A product.

Guests 'shopping' swapped clothes at The Talking Thread Clothingswap
Guests ‘shopping’ swapped clothes at The Talking Thread Clothingswap

We are very honoured to have welcome Ratna Ho at The Talking Thread Clothingswap. Ratna is a successful fashion designer, known from collections for for example Armin van Buren (DJ). Together with her partner Pascal, she started bag label ‘Fraenck’.  Ratna told us a very personal story of how the duo got to where they are now: a successful sustainable bag label and concept store in Arnhem.

Fraenck bags are made from leftover materials from the sailing industry. They saw perfectly fine materials in big quantities from the sailing industry going to waste. Indeed they wondered ‘why?!’. The duo decided to take this ‘rubbish’ and turn it into their beautiful bags. ‘Rerubbished Rarities’ as they call it. ‘A’ class material that is left over, is all over sudden ‘B’ class material, while it has the same (strong) qualities. Hence Fraenck bags are super strong and durable, upcycled (back) to A class accessories.

Ratna Ho speaking about Fraenck
Ratna Ho speaking about Fraenck

Are you getting my point?

We have to lose the idea of waste. We have to look at the possibilities of materials, including fashion. When you are done with your jeans, think about who you could make happy with this perfect pair of jeans. It is great to see exactly that happening during The Talking Thread Clothingswap. When someone picked one of my pieces, I couldn’t resist to say hi and have a chat based on the item.

I was not the only one. Thank god, because the whole event is about you guys! The conscious fashionistas! We packed many many many items for their new owners. We would love to hear stories from anyone attending last Monday!

Jeanieke, one of our guests, going home happily with one of the beloved items of Florien.
Jeanieke, one of our guests, going home happily with one of the beloved items of Florien.

All clothes aside, no one went home empty handed. We advocate a sustainable wardrobe, as well a sustainable lifestyle. Everyone went home with Seepje liquid detergent. A natural detergent from soap nuts with lovely spring aroma’s. Taking good care of your clothes is just as important as buying sustainable items. With Seepje you take care of your items, your skin and the environment.  Also, everyone got a To Jungle bamboo straw. To Jungle a verb. Changing the word doesn’t happen by itself. So they offer sustainable plastic free and/or reusable everyday items, without compromising on luxe or style. Then we also got to hand out Yoni care. Yoni concerns what is between your legs during your period. Have you ever thought about that? Well you will once you know what cotton is treated with, and knowing you put that between your legs.

Look at this great goodiebag <3 
Look at this great goodiebag <3 

We like to thank Fraenck for their inspiration, zaak.acht for hosting, Thomson & Scott for the bubbles and Berber from Blije Bietjes for cooking deliciously for us!

We could not be more happy about the event! See you next time loves.

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We met a great label, Fraenck, but moreover we met two lovely and great people, Ratna and Pascal!

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