As a new-born sustainable fashion blogger I had the chance to have an evening at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Very excited, I tried to pick my outfit, but what do you wear at a famous fashion event? Do you follow the latest trend, or the upcoming trends? Casual? Chic? Business? Arty? After some googling I am standing in front of my wardrobe – yep, nothing new for me, I am still successfully doing my I-buy-nothing-challenge – to eventually pick a denim dress with some shiny shoes. Little street, little chic, little me.

The day of the event I had to work first. When I was done, I quickly changed and hurried to Amsterdam with in my bag a notebook, hair styling stuff, spear stockings and working clothes, just to find nobody else with a regular sized handbag. Apparently you don’t bring a bag with you. I look at mine and gently place it under my seat just before the show of BOUND Amsterdam starts.

BOUND Amsterdam was founded in 2014 by Maras Rejaän and Sheila Lopes Afonso and were showing their 2017 winter/autumn collection inspired by the Jamaican rude-boy culture. A little street style clip from Cavemen introduced the 20 menswear looks, also shown by 3 girls. For me, it bridges a gap between the two genders, saying to dress in what makes you feel yourself, hence comfortable. The models seemed to agree as they walked the runway confidently looking at the audience. The timeless, clean pieces of soft earthy colours were nothing ‘over trendy’ which suits this anti fast fashion brand and even from the third row I could see the qualitative materials.

The high closed collar, neat trousers together with the white sport socks and cool shoes makes it a contrasting and interesting outfit. Photo: Team Peter Stigter
The high wasted, on the ankles trousers and white sport socks are typical in the Jamaican rude-boy culture. Btw, this is my friend Roos Ferrero. Beautiful isn’t she? Photo: Team Peter Stigter
Rude-boy is normally fitted, however BOUND Amsterdam tried to update this by creating oversized items and new materials. Photo: Team Peter Stigter

After this show I had the opportunity to visit the exposition of denim label Hardeman in cooperation with filmmaker Emma Westenberg, which resulted in a film ‘Where the grass is greener’. This film is about the search for your identity, inspired by classic range style workwear. Instead of a runway show, Hardeman choose to show the film and an installation. This way of presenting totally suits the label. In founders Sophie Hardeman’s own words: ‘The label aims to turn daily routine upside down and challenge public’s perspective’. For her collections, Sophie Hardeman reuses denim and jeans.

Hardeman’s installation ‘Where the Grass is Greener’, inspired by classic range style workwear.

Sophie Hardeman also questions the fashion of today. She states that designers easily conform to the speed and lose their ideology. ‘I have great appreciation for the people who take their time to make their work matter and challenge the aesthetics of the current system’.

Of course, a proper evening at a Fashion event should be closed off with some drinks ☺ Time for Roos and me to go to the BOUND afterparty. In between fashion designers, models, stylists etc, I did not only find GT’s, but I also found some Amsterdam street fashion. Just so you know: wearing a fanny pack on the breast is a thing!


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