Having the urge to declutter your wardrobe (luckily) doesn’t occur that often. Unless you have OCD ofcourse. Otherwise it only occurs when you are searching for an item, but can’t find it. Or when you’ve got new clothing to store, but don’t have room to store it. These are the moments that you know you can’t go on like this. The moments that you feel like a minimalist lifestyle could be something for you. And that a fancy capsule wardrobe is just the thing for you! A cappa what? You know, the wardrobe sophisticated people have where they only need a dozen clothing pieces per season and combine them endlessly. Jealous? Nooooooo… Well, if living as a minimalist, with as less stuff as possible, was that easy, everyone would be one. 

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I personally wish I could have one really cool, minimalist, capsule collection that only consisted of brands such as Filipa K and Acne Studios. What an unrealistic dream. Why? Well for starters, I don’t have the finances on place. Secondly, since I am still quite young, my style differs over periods of time. Lastly, somehow new, swapped or gifted clothes keep entering my closet. This regrettably also sometimes still includes some bad bargains. Yes nobody is perfect. And I’m sure you reading this, isn’t as well. But that’s OK! We can always do something about it. By reading this blogpost, you’ve already made the first step. In this blogpost I will give you some tips and tricks in how to properly, but easily, declutter your wardrobe. This way you can start your journey to a minimalist capsule collection with a clean slate. Put on some Queen and let’s start!

Step 1: Analyse, visualize, go!

Begin with taking a good look at your wardrobe and feel depressed. Just kidding. You do need to take a good look at your wardrobe though. Only by doing so, you know how serious you should take this process. As soon as the reality (that you have way too many clothing) has sunk in, you can visualize the way you want your closet to look like. When I looked at my closet and thought about the end-result, I visualized my mother’s closet. Organized, tidy, and just the right amount of clothing. That was my goal for this project. Now this goal might have been a bit too ambitious, but we’re getting there. Bare in mind that your closet won’t look like the closet you had in mind after having organized it only one time. Try to declutter your wardrobe in sessions. Slowly, but surely you will achieve your dream closet!

My hot mess of a closet
The wardrobe I visualize

After I took a good look at my closet, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. My procrastinating self felt like taking a nap on the couch. Instead, I gathered my courage and started taking clothes out of my closet that I haven’t worn for a while or need repairing/adjustments. This is something I did quickly. Don’t think about it too much and just do it! You could ask yourself the cliché questions, such as: ‘Have I worn this in the last year?’ Or ‘Do I ever need this for a special occasion?’. But this will just slow you down. You will also probably won’t get rid of a lot of clothing. I kept plenty of my clothes because I thought I could use it for special theme parties, for painting, or for survival activities. When in my life am I ever going to survival? Seriously?! For special theme parties I can always borrow something. And by the time I am going to paint a wall or redecorate a house, I probably have some old clothes again I could use. After I took out all of the clothes I wasn’t probably going to wear anymore, my bed looked something like this:

Ridiculous right?

Step 2: Categorize clothing that need repairing or adjusting

The next step is to categorize the clothes you want to get rid of. First start with the easiest category, which is: Repairing and adjusting. These are the clothes that either have holes or rips in them. Or woolen and cotton t-shirts or sweaters that need to be shaven. Don’t know what I mean, or want to know what you can do to keep your clothes last longer? Read our blogpost on usage and care of your clothes . These were the pieces I still really like and would love to wear again, but need some TLC first:

Step 3: Categorize clothing you want to donate

The next step was to categorize the clothes that I won’t wear after repairing them or are not pretty or special enough to sell or swap. I will donate these clothes to the local Salvation Army. They give them away to people in need, or sell them at their own store for social prices, or send them to textile sorting companies. Do think of what happens to your clothes after you have donated them. Because donating doesn’t always necessarily mean that you’re doing the right thing. Want to know more about this topic? Read Nadia’s blogpost ‘Why Third World Countries Don’t Want Your Clothes Anymore’. These are the clothes I will donate:

Step 4: Categorize clothing you want to sell, or even more fun, swap!

After this, it finally starts to get a bit more fun. The remainder of the clothing is the clothing you can sell, or even more fun, swap! Swapping clothes is a great way to give your clothes a second life. And to make someone else happy! Want to know more about swapping clothes? Read Nadia’s blogpost about clothing swapsWant to swap? Come to our Clothing Swap next week, the 29th of November, in the Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam! For more info visit our Facebook Event here. These are some of the clothes I am going to swap next week:

Step 5: Clean up the mess so you can still sleep in your bed.

After categorizing all of the clothes and storing them away, it is time to tidy up your closet. Fold everything like you will never grab something out of your closet again. If you like it, you can categorize on colour. Make sure you declutter everything from your closet. This also means shoes, belts, hats, and other accessories. By doing so, you won’t have the feeling you did half work and need to declutter in a month again. This is what my closet looked like after I organized it. Mind you, the messy part under my clothes are my boyfriend’s things and still need to be organized.

The next step in my journey towards a capsule’ish wardrobe is to gather all my outfits and store them in my phone with the help of the Stylebook app. This way I can always look up all of the combinations and never have to forget one. I will also diagnose the clothing pieces I don’t wear anymore or can’t really combine. For more info about this app, watch this clip. A perfect tool for a compact and efficient wardrobe! As soon as I can find the time to do this, I will definitely write a blogpost about this. I can’t wait to reach my dream wardrobe!

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