Nadia and Flo with DIY knot pillow

A while back I saw a design knot pillow on a site I really wanted. Until I saw its price… I reckoned a DIY of this knot pillow must exist somewhere on the World Wide Web. A few searches later I found tons of information on the holy bible of DIY’s, Pinterest, and even found a version where I could use old stockings. How conscious! I have plenty stockings with fun prints and colors I really like, but just don’t wear. Together with Nadia the sewing queen I decided to give it a go and make pictures along the way so that you can do it yourself! Ready?

Let’s start with some necessities:

  • Pair of scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Needles and pins
  • Thread
  • Cushion stuffing
  • Two pairs of stockings/leggings

DIY necessities

Before you start, you need to find the right stockings or leggings. Firstly, the stockings or leggings that you are going to use need to have enough stretch. This will make the knotting of the two pairs together a lot easier. Secondly, your stockings or leggings need to be thick enough. If you put your hand behind the fabric and your skin is showing, the fabric is too thin. Nadia and I figured out during the stuffing, that the stockings were actually a bit too see through. In the pictures you can probably see the stuffing under the stockings.

After you have picked the right stockings, you can start stuffing them with cushion stuffing. If you are using leggings, be sure to first sew the ankles shut. You will find out during the stuffing that the legs might look a bit uneven sometimes. Just mould the stuffing every now and then and you will see it will look much better. If this doesn’t help, no worries. It doesn’t have to look perfect, since you won’t really see the imperfections in the end result. Finally, don’t over-stuff the stocking/leggings. The thicker the legs, the firmer they get. This will make it harder to knot the stockings together.

DIY Flo stuffing

DIY stuffing stocking

Now that you have stuffed two pairs of stockings/leggings till approximately its crotch, it is time to sew the top part shut. You can do this by folding the upper part like a bag of chips and pin it to sew it shut. Like this.

DIY shutting the stocking

The legs have been stuffed and sewed closed, now let’s start knotting! You can practice the knot with two strings of robe if you are not familiar with the knot.

DIY practicing knot

You will do exactly the same with the stockings. One pair of stockings is one string of robe. Start with laying the middle part, or the crotch part of the stocking over each other. This way the sewed part is covered.  You will start knotting counter clockwise and pull all of the four ends to set the knot. It will then look something like this. If you can’t follow by now, don’t sweat it. You can find a full tutorial video at the end of this post!

DIY Knot Pillow

Now that you have set the first knot, you will have to knot the remaining ends as well. You will do this by doing the same knot but clockwise. After you have done that, it will look something like the following.

DIY Knot Pillow

To finish the pillow, the loose ends need to be tucked underneath and secured by sewing the ends to the other parts. To make this final step a bit easier, start with securing the ends with a safety pin. This way the pressure is relieved during the sewing.

DIY sewing the ends

After you have finished your amazing faux design knot pillow, all there is left to do is chill ☺

DIY chilling

DIY Knot Pillow

Does it still not make any sense? Do you have no clue how to start or are some things still a bit unclear? This very clear tutorial will help you out!



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