While life is ever changing, just as our beautiful planet (just to mention it once again), my friend’s life changed even more a couple of weeks ago: he became a dad of a beautiful tiny human being. Of course I want to see this wonder who changes his life, taking a gift with me. But what should I bring? Everyone is giving those ‘I love mommy’ shirts, so that’s a no go. Above all, with the speed of the growth of the baby and the many given shirts,  it will never reach its minimum of 7 wears. No, handmade and home-made will be the next thing. Opening my magic box of fabrics I found some left-over pieces I can easily shape into two tiny shoes for tiny feet. Made with much love they will be overwhelmingly cute baby shoes. In this post I will explain every single step to come to the following result, so you can surprise whoever new mommy/daddy with this special gift. And you know what, it is sustainable as well ☺ Especially if you make it from left overs or buy sustainable fabrics.


  • Your chosen fabric. I used (leftover) felt, but you can take any kind as long as it is a little firm.
  • Thread. As the thread will shine bright at the outside, take something that suits your fabric. I picked a thick and bright yellow thread to show off a bit.
  • Ribbon and hole puncher. If you don’t have a hole puncher, scissors work just as fine. This is only for the bow-decoration. If you don’t like it, you can skip this. Might be handy though to close of the shoe, but you can use a little elastic from the insight as well. Or your own input! If you go for the ribbon, make sure you have a lighter to burn the edges.
  • Needle and pins.
  • Pencil,  paper and tapeline to draw the pattern.
  • Scissors. If you have, take special fabric scissors

Let’s make some baby shoes!

Ready? We will start with making the pattern by drawing a foot. For this, I took around 10cm length. This will be the sole of the shoe.

The upper part is a long strip. To make sure you cover the whole sole, you can lay some thread around the sole and measure how many cm you have to cover. In the case of this specific 10cm foot, the strip length comes down to 23.5cm. At each end, make two edges in the shape of the front part of the shoe.

Obvious next step: cut out your pattern. You might want to fold the paper for the strip, so both sides are equal.

Now pin it on your chosen material and cut the figures.

Again, you can fold the fabric while cutting to ensure two equal shapes (for both shoes).

Time to put it all together! Lay the sole in front of you and lay the strip at the heel side, óver the sole with the longest side up (see the picture) and secure it with a pin.

Follow the sides of the sole with the outer side of the strip. Make sure the curvy edges suit the toes, and secure with a couple of pins.

See what is happening? You can already recognize the early stage of a tiny shoe! Happy with the shape? If not, you can adjust by cutting some edges or pin again. If you are happy, you can now sew it all together for which I used the ‘blanket stitch’. If you are not familiar with the blanket stitch, please have a close look at the following pictures.

After you’ve secured the thread with a little knot from the inside, make a stitch just around half a centimeter next to the previous stitch, going from the upper side to come out downside.

Just before the thread is all the way through, STOP! Take the thread through the little loop that has been created.

Now you may pull the thread all the way through and start again with the next stitch. Again half a centimeter next to the previous one, upper side to downside. After a while it will look like this:

And? Does it? If so: keep up the good work until you finished both shoes. If not: do not worry. Just leave a comment and we will assist you.

Phieuw, made it all the way to the end. Now flip the shoe inside out so you can secure your work with a knot. Little trick: use a needle/skewer to direct the knot as far as possible.

Hoopla! Two tiny shoes! Sort of. Let’s start the finishing touch.

I chose for a real lady like ribbon but you can either leave it or introduce another closure.

The hole-puncher is used to make a hole at your chosen point. If you don’t have a hole-puncher (or doesn’t make the hole at once, like mine…) you can just use scissors.

With the shiny type of ribbon I used, you might want to burn the edges to avoid tearing. If you are not sure, don’t try!

Knot the ribbon to a nice bow and voila! Time to surprise some lucky parents!


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