DIY alert! This DIY has been on our list for a while now and we finally got to do it! And boy, was it a challenge. A fun challenge! But definitely a challenge. A few months ago when we did the knot pillow DIY, we stumbled across a DIY for stuffed balloon animals. For the DIY, the maker used regular fabric. But we wouldn’t be us, if we didn’t gave a twist to it and used old stockings instead of new fabric. So curious how to make this stuffed little fella that you could cuddle? Or use as a door stopper in case you don’t like the end result (let’s hope not)? Let’s begin with the necessities!

What do you need?

  • One pair of old stockings or leggings as thick as possible
  • Scissors
  • Needle and pins
  • Thick thread
  • Measure tape
  • High quality cushion stuffing
  • A large piece of fabric with a fun print to portray your masterpiece on (haha)

Step 1

Firstly, we lengthened the leggings by separating the legs. We did this by cutting them apart along the seam and cutting away the crotch part. Here is how we did it!

diy balloon dog diy balloon dog








Step 2

After you have cut the two legs apart, the two pieces are sewn close again till the upper part (which you leave open). Finally, the two upper parts are attached again, which will result in one long leg. Now this attachment will probably be visible. The prettiest option is to hide it away when forming the parts. Or like us, hide it with a pretty bow or leftover fabric like we did as you can see in the head picture. For the sewing, Nadia, the sewing queen, used the blanket stitch. Not familiar with this kind of stitch? See our baby shoes DIY, where Nadia explains how to do the stitch.  As you can probably see in the pictures below, we left the thicker part at the top of the legging attached. But if you want a smoother result when you attach them together, we would advise to cut some of the thicker part away. However, be careful not to cut too much away, as it might damage the fabric!

diy balloon dog diy balloon dog








Step 3

Now we are going to give shape to the dog! As you can see in the pictures below, we stuffed the tube with cushion stuffing before dividing the parts. However, we realized that it is a lot easier to do it piece by piece. Start with forming the head by closing the end of the legging. You can do this by making a temporarily knot and shut it later or do it immediately. This can be done by making a knot with thread or by sewing it. Now you can start with stuff the first piece for about 10 cm. Again, close it off with a knot or by sewing it.

diy balloon dog

Step 4

Now that the head has been shaped, we move over to the ears. Section two parts of 5 cm each and stuff them. After you (together with the head) have three different parts, the ears are sewn together on the first piece (the head).

diy balloon dog diy balloon dog







Step 5

Now with the following steps you might notice  pictures missing. Due to the warm weather, tiredness, and difficulty level of this DIY, we totally forgot to take pictures of the final steps! Very stupid, we know…. Luckily, this DIY has been inspired by another DIY where the final steps are similar to ours. I will post the link below, so you have some visual image with our final steps. During this step, the neck and legs are formed. Stuff and sew three parts of around 10 cm each. The last two you have to fold together and sew tightly. Now you have the upper body and front legs!

Step 6

For this final steps, the middle part, back legs and tail are formed. The upper body needs to be stuffed till around 8 cm and the remaining three 10 cm each. The back legs are formed the same as the front legs. The only thing that is different is the last remaining bit, which is the tail. Only thing left to do is sew it shut and cut any excess fabric from the tail! Cute isn’t he? Let’s call him Bob (:

diy balloon dog

If you are planning to do this DIY, do it! Ask us any question, since we consider ourselves as experts at this moment and will definitely know what not to do (ha-ha again). We hope you have enjoyed our DIY and if you’ve challenged yourself to make one as well, we want pics as evidence! By the way, here is the DIY we promised you made by Little Inspiration.




  1. Love it! You can also try to stuff it with other stockings or fabric leftovers. That is even more sustainabe, although it might get a little more heavy and uneven. Would still be fine as a nursery decoration I guess.

    1. We actually thought about that and used left over cushion stuffing we had from another DIY. But good idea! Will keep it in mind for the next DIY 😉

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