No doubt you have heard about the new film ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with Emma Watson playing Belle. For the release, the movie is currently on a press tour which involves people that matter, fancy drinks and off course the red carpet dresses.

From Emma Watson we already know she takes a firm stand for all the good in the word. For example: her role as United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador and her great work for the HeForShe campaign about gender equality. Isn’t she amazing?  

For this press tour, Emma has created an Instagram account (besides her personal account) which she uses to showcase all the sustainable outfits she is wearing during the press tour. She is basically using the press tour to promote sustainable fashion! Emma is doing a good job so far, since the creations she is wearing are just stunning. The account named @the_press_tour is an instant hit. With only five pictures to show, the account already has 306.000 followers.

I must say I am not particularly interested in celebrities and their lives. So why am I posting this? I have to confess that I was following Emma Watson’s personal account for a while already. Here, she also started showcasing what she was wearing and mentioned sustainable fashion. One of her first pictures addressing the matter captioned : “PS. You may have noticed me talking about my clothes recently – I’m trying to be conscious about where my clothes come from and also about the people who make them. Just in case you wondering! (I’m not being paid by brands to do this btw!) All fashion info verified by @ecoage.”

The fact that Emma Watson uses her position for good causes makes me admire her. By promoting sustainable fashion while having such a big fanbase, sustainable fashion brands will become familiar and more accessible. Also, Emma shows her followers that sustainable fashion is NOT boring. Have you seen the outfits? It does not really suit my budget, but ‘boring’ is just no excuse. However the daytime and backstage outfits she wears are more reachable. Brands like Stella McCartney, Fillipa K and GoodGuys, for instance, pass by.

So with gorgeous Emma Watson on the good side, you will join as well right?! Together we can make fashion fun again!

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