A new way of wearing

The winter in the Netherlands is about clouds and rain and clouds and rain. Boring. I got the opportunity to follow the sun to Cuba together with my godmother. Who just like me, loves the beach, sun and cocktails as much as I do. I will come back to that topic in a second, including my bikini(s).

Me and my lovely godmother Edith. Such fun together!

Cuba is beautiful but … different. Most famous are the old-timer cars of course. In Cuba we got around with an old-timer as well. Not a fancy one, but one that was falling apart by just looking at it. Because Cuba has been isolated for so long, the Cubans hardly had the right components to repair cars. Instead, they used whatever they could find. So the sound that comes from the horn of the cars was a surprise each time, if you know what I mean.

Busted by the driver – Havana

Along the road, we saw beautiful nature and little villages where the inhabitants still use horse-drawn carts for transportation. And if they don’t, they hitchhike their way to work and back home. Furthermore, except for the pro Fidel and Revoluciòn billboards, we saw no advertisement at all.  When is the last time you didn’t see advertisement for no longer than an hour?! A real bless I must say. Lastly, the Cuban people were so friendly and the music so good. I can talk on and on, but I promised more about bikinis!

NALLA Bikinis

A couple of months ago, I came across a new bikini brand on Kickstarter which I totally fell in love with. It is a very simple concept and therefore brilliant. Before I will tell you more about the brand, let me assure you this is not an advertorial. I just really appreciate this brand and therefore want to share it with you. The brand is called NALLA and they offer one piece, one size and one shape in multiple colours. Multiple pieces can be transformed into a bikini by twisting, turning, layering and adjusting the pieces with bamboo rings (for a complete bikini you need two NALLA pieces). The options are limitless as it is made from very extensible material, so you have a different bikini every day if you like.

NALLA bikini piece with adjustable rings and lycra bag

That is exactly why I love it so much. Most woman, like me, find wearing the same bikini every beach day boring, so one bikini is just not ‘enough’. With NALLA that is not the case. Using your own creativity, you can look sporty, sexy or luxurious, just what you feel like. Because it are many bikinis in one, it can be used for years and change together with a woman’s ever-changing body. See where I am going? You don’t have to buy over and over!

The NALLA pieces are hand cut in Lima, Peru and the leftover tissue is used as packaging. You can check the brand and get inspiration if you like at or @nalla_swimwear.

Galago Sandals

About 1.5 year ago, while shopping with Florien in Cape Town where we lived at that time, I came across another co-creation concept that I like to inform you about: sandals. You know that feeling when you want to match your shoes with your outfit? So you ‘need’ shoes in all colours? This wouldn’t be necessary if you could easily adjust your shoes instead of buying multiple pairs. South-African sandal brand Galago plays into this by offering handcrafted and locally produced sandal soles with multiple adjustable straps in all sorts of colours and materials. I got mine from them as well and ended up buying the sandals soles in black with a few different straps in red, dark blue, black and leopard (fake). Eventually, for every outfit I had, I had the same (but always different and matching) sandal to pair with. Amazing! Besides the fact that it saves the planet some waste, it saves me a lot of money. I literally didn’t feel the urge to buy more sandals.

You can find them at and find more inspiration @galagoonline.

What I want to highlight here is not these brands specifically, but a way of consuming. If we find an item that we can design over and over again, we don’t have to consume so much without losing our trendy selves. We won’t throw it away that easily as it will change with us. Isn’t that promising?! ☺

Keep your eyes open for these kind of designs and items. Please feel free to share them with us, because we would like to get to know them! Oh and by the way: visit Cuba. It’s amazing.

This beach day me and my balconette NALLA are hanging out at the straits of Florida.

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