Whenever people ask me where in the Netherlands they can shop fair fashion the best, I always tell them Amsterdam. But when they ask me what stores to go to, I can only name a few while knowing there are plenty more. Nadia and I both don’t live in Amsterdam so we don’t visit Amsterdam very often. Now we are also not really big shoppers (read mostly strolling around and eating). However, we do understand that if you want that extra bit of service or advice, or simply just want to feel the fabrics, shopping in physical stores is more satisfying than online for instance. In this post we will highlight some of the many fair fashion/vintage stores Amsterdam has to offer. This way you never have to feel guilty when you want to enjoy a day of shopping in our main capital!

We first went to our new favorite shopping streets in Amsterdam; the Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk. This part of Amsterdam is filled with inspiring boutiques with smaller brands. We recommend to visit almost every store and check the brands you buy online or with the store-owner. This is because a lot of the products being sold in these boutiques are locally made. On the map below you can see what stores we visited.

Nukuhiva Amsterdam: Haarlemmerstraat 36, The Gift Lab: Haarlemmerstraat 38, Rumors Vintage & Design: Haarlemmerstraat 99B, Atelier Sukha: Haarlemmerstraat 110, Restored: Haarlemmerdijk 39.


You ask for a store filled with the biggest fair fashion brands, we say Nukuhiva. Nukuhiva has been founded by Dutch presenter and travel program maker Floortje Dessing. When Floortje published her travel book she decided that she would do something good with the profit. The book became a success and a big part of the profit she donated to a school project in Uganda. With the remaining money, Floortje decided to set up fair-trade clothing store Nukuhiva in Amsterdam. There is also a Nukuhiva store in Utrecht and Miss Green, Bocca, Wunderwerk and Matt & Nat are some of the brands that are being sold.

The Gift Lab 

This cute little store is filled with beautiful clothes and accessories, organic cosmetics, organic children’s clothes and toys, and of course gifts. Some brands that we spotted were trendy and timeless Anecdote and Granny’s Finest. Granny’s Finest offers stylish knitwear handmade by Dutch grannies to eliminate loneliness of Dutch seniors. How sweet!

Rumors Vintage & Design 

This vintage store was probably our favorite out of all the stores we visited this day! We both love vintage, but not every vintage store offers great quality or awesome designs. Rumors does. We found some amazing coats, leather skirts and sweaters for friendly prices. Nadia found a brown leather skirt and linen dress for her upcoming travels. Florien tried several coats and still regrets not buying the red one you can find below… But she may not complain, because she already owns plenty beautiful coats!

Atelier Sukha 

I think the first thing Nadia and I said when we walked into Atelier Sukha was ‘’Wow…’’. This store is truly magnificent. With a lot of whitewashed wood, linen and woolen blankets, everything in this store looks like it came straight out of nature. The clothing and other products that the atelier sells are therefore also only made from natural materials and in a sustainable way. With their inspirational quotes on the walls and postcards, the brand promotes a happy and slow lifestyle. Which is not surprising since Sukha stands for ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit.


Restored is a ‘live it slow’ store. When we walked into the store, a wave of calmness and peace washed over us. Exactly what Restored wants their customers to experience in their chaotic and overwhelming daily lives. In this nice-looking store simplistic jewelry, ceramics, magazines, bags, and more, can be found. The products sold by Restored are designed by small labels and independent designers. Some brands that can be found at Restored are BAGGU, O My Bag, Annemieke Boots, Nina + Co and Fest Amsterdam.

After having a quick lunch, we moved on to the Pijp! This is where Nadia’s brother Viktor lives. For this part of the day he joined our tour so he could check out some men’s fashion at Studio Jux + Co and Charlie + Mary. The map below will show you what shops we visited and where to find them.

Studio Jux + Co: Ceintuurbaan 252, Charlie + Mary: Gerard Doustraat 84, Verse: Prinsengracht 581.

Studio Jux + Co 

Studio Jux + Co was a store we heard and read a lot about already, so we we’re determined we must pay a visit. This store is a bit similar to Nukuhiva in terms of their overall look and brands that they offer. However, Studio Jux + Co also sells their own brand and some younger brands that are not really well known yet. One of these brands is Jan N’ June, founded in 2013 in Hamburg. Owners Anna and Jula founded the brand from a personal need. They couldn’t find any stylish, sustainable and affordable fashion label. A problem Nadia and I often experience as well. But no longer now that Jan’ N June exists! Studio Jux’s own collection is made in their own factory in Nepal. This way they can ensure safe and healthy working conditions for their employees.

Viktor discovering men’s fair fashion at Studio Jux + Co

Charlie + Mary 

Another store we heard a lot about was Charlie + Mary. Although quite comparable again to the previous store, they also sell vintage furniture(!) and lifestyle goods. Also, they deliver their parcels by bicycle in Amsterdam to reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions to a minimum. Some brands that Charlie + Mary offer are POPUPSHOP, People Tree, Rhumaa, Veja and Dedicated. Charlie + Mary has two stores in Amsterdam, a fashion agency and a blog. All to maximize their impact in the fashion industry as much as possible.


‘’Verse curates an universe of up and coming fresh sustainable design, we bring the good things and the good vibes. Our mission is to educate our consumer about the choices available and make it damn fun to style and shop sustainable.’’ Sounds similar to our mission right? Which is absolutely great! When you walk into Verse, you don’t feel like you’ve just entered a fair fashion store. I feel that that is a good thing, because this will attract different consumers and hopefully lead to an increase in the popularity of sustainable fashion. Verse offers fair fashion brands we are not familiar with yet and we can’t wait to get to know them!

These were some of the amazing fair fashion stores Amsterdam has to offer. There are simply too many stores to cover in one day, which is absolutely amazing, but therefore we unfortunately weren’t able to highlight all of them. When you look for something specific, I recommend to search the webshops of the just mentioned stores to find if they have what you are looking for. This will save you a lot of time, effort, and probably money. Do you have any questions about this post? Or do you have some store recommendations for us to visit the next time we’re in Amsterdam? Please comment below or send us a message via Facebook, Instagram or mail! We hope you enjoyed the fair fashion guide of Amsterdam!


  1. Thanks a lot, I‘m going to Amsterdam this weekend and your post came up first while googeling. 👍🏼
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