Oh December… Christmas music playing everywhere, frozen fingers, no snow (damn climate change) and dark days. Lovely right? No just kidding. I do like the days around Christmas. It’s always great to have the family together, eat too much good food, and ofcourse, giving and getting gifts! I do have to be honest though, receiving and giving gifts gets a tiny bit less fun each year. This is probably because I feel bad when I receive gifts I know I’m not going to use. But also because I am giving gifts that are not always necessarily fairly produced. It sometimes just feels shameful to have wasted money, materials and energy on those kind of gifts.

I’m not only trying to make my lifestyle more sustainable, but I am also trying that for people around me. I don’t want to judge people on their actions. However, I do want to inspire them by starting with giving gifts that are produced in a fair way. Because who wouldn’t like that? In this blogpost I will help you find a possible gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister, mother, father, and yes, even your in-laws! And don’t forget, an experience is also always a great gift to receive. Go to the zoo with your grandma (like Nadia does), treat your mom to a massage, or go karting with your boyfriend! The possibilities are endless.


You know what should become an official saying? This: ‘What do you want?’ ‘Nothing’. Well, Greenpeace thought of something brilliant that we could give to those people. Which is? Absolutely NIKS! How does this work? By purchasing NIKS (‘’nothing’’ in English), you basically donate money to Greenpeace and can give a box of nothing to your loved ones (see picture below). Great right? Well maybe not for everyone. But for someone that already has everything, sincerely wants nothing and is passionate about nature and wildlife preservation, it is! The gifts range from 15 euro’s to 50 and you can personalize the card inside the box. Hoera! Je hebt NIKS gekregen!


With a book you can never go wrong! Unless you give it to someone who doesn’t really read books or has a particular taste. But normally, this is a generally safe gift to give. If you have people around you that don’t know anything about the fast fashion industry and don’t feel like informing them yourself, letting them read about it is a great solution. This is also perfect for people that need a bit more convincing in why consuming more consciously is necessary. The upcoming books all contain enough proof, expertise and advice to educate the ‘unknowers’ and convince the critical thinkers.

A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion by Alison Gwilt
Slave to Fashion by Safia Minney
The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees
Dit Is Een Goede Gids by Marieke Eyskoot


No gift suits these cold month more than warm and cosy knitwear. A classic knitwear gift is the good old’ sweater. However, something easier to give in terms of fitting, is a scarf or a beanie. Granny’s Finest offers stylish knitwear handmade by Dutch grannies to fight against loneliness of Dutch seniors. They have a very wide range of scarves, hats and mittens in all sorts of colours and styles. Studio Jux’s scarf collection is GOTS certified and made from very soft lambswool. The production of these items support farm workers and the local population of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Granny’s Finest Mittens ‘Puk’ €39,95
Granny”s Finest Headband Babs € 24,95
Studio Jux Lambswool scarf dark grey melange €119,95
Studio Jux Lambswool scarf petrol melange €119,95


Socks are somehow considered as a shitty present. Well if you give boring -2 for the price of 1- socks, yes, you are giving a shitty present. But nowadays there are so many cool sock brands that offer socks with fun prints and from high quality. Sock brands like Qnoop and The London Sock Exchange.

Innovative Qnoop found a solution to the problem of the missing sock by attaching a button on one sock and a loop on the other. This way you never lose a sock again! Smart right? The socks are made of organic cotton and shipped in biodegradable packaging.

The mission of The London Sock Exchange is to make the ultimate luxury sock for the many. They do this by finishing the socks by hand. The sock brand also aims to recycle their socks by donating them to people in need or by giving them a new life as industrial textiles.


Qnoop Side Stripe Coral Pink €14,95
The London Sock Exchange The Smash £10


I think I speak for many women when I say that I love to receive jewelry. I do however, find it very scary to give jewelry. There are so many different styles and everyone likes different things. Yet, if you really want to give someone jewelry, I always apply the rule ‘less is more’. Because less can always become more. The person you are giving the piece to can either add more jewelry if the style is to minimalistic for her (or him). But more trying to lesser is a different story. You can’t just rip a stone from the piece if it is not your style. The following jewelry brands all have in common that they all have a minimalistic style, but most importantly, support local communities.

Taj Ring Gypset Baby €129
By Ways of Change Be’s Studs $34,95 (discount price)
Wildthings Bee Necklace Gold €54,95
Riverstones Rise Bracelet Gold €29,50

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