The day I started to shop nothing

quote Vivienne Westwood

The Talking Thread has taken off and we are so excited to explore and learn more about the fashion industry each day together with you! We started this journey because we think it is ridiculous that just because we want cheap clothing, others are suffering for it. Not to mention the huge burden we put on our earth by polluting and wasting it. However, sometimes I still catch myself in front of the H&M looking at a cute dress and talking myself out of buying it. It is just too easy to buy fast fashion. I can find it everywhere and it is so cheap. So when I walk through the city center and  I see something I want, I have to remind myself that it is not necessary to buy it and that it is simply not right. So I walk on. Until I see the Zara, which is also just around the corner. Those shoes…. Are they staring at me? They match perfectly with the outfit I’m wearing! No Nadia! Says the little voice again. Just remember how many shoes you already have. Spoiler alert: many. At home I decide to take a close look at my wardrobe and come to the conclusion that I have over 180 pieces of garments in all colours and shapes (excluding all those shoes). And still I want to buy more and more and more. Every time I walk through the busy streets of the city, which is very often as I live in city centre, I see new stuff I want to keep up with the latest trends. It seems like the fast fashion industry has a hold on me and I don’t like the idea of being trapped. Especially now I know of its dark side.

So here we are, at the launch of The Talking Thread, where we want to take you on our journey towards a more sustainable fashion industry. At the start of this journey I would like to know just how trapped I am. Therefore I have challenged myself to not buy anything for three months. I repeat: Nothing. Three months. Alright, food is excluded of course. But no clothes, no shoes, no pretty candles for in the house, nothing. For some this might seem easy, but I really really like to buy stuff. I have those urges sometimes, as you can have with chocolate, that can only be stopped by just giving in. Now I will stop. Cold turkey. This will be hard, but there are many positive sides to it. For instance, I will be saving money which I can use for my next travel trip!

You can follow my challenge and experiences through blog updates. If you want to support my challenge, join me! Even if you believe this might be too hard for you, just try it. See how long you can go without buying and share your stories at the comments below or on our Facebook page. Because I think we all need some support in this challenge… Let’s do this!


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