The end is near...


Time is flying and just one month to go until I can buy some clothing again. Can I wait that long? Will I manage? Don’t I have the urge to sneaky walk into the stores and hide my purchases? Nah. I must say that it is not as tough as I expected it to be. Well… in the beginning it was difficult as I still had ‘my old’ habits to do some window shopping, scrolling through webshops and spend attention to advertisements. But somehow I am clean, it seems.

During this challenge I’m starting to realise there are so many benefits that come with not buying new clothes. It saves me time and stress to not constantly check out all the shops and ads. Simply because ‘I don’t have to’. Well no one ever has to, really, but I am sure most of you recognize the urge to check the newest collections. Fast fashion is worse, where new collections arrive every week.

Speaking of fast fashion, I don’t know if they are ready for the rehabs. Before, I frequently ordered from a certain webshop (and sent back loads of stuff too. Don’t make the same mistakes! Read here how by offering some tips on how to buy online). Two weeks ago I received mail from a webshop saying ‘we miss you!’ offering me a welcome back discount of €20. The pushes we get to consume as much as we can… are you aware of them?

we miss you
“We miss you”

Funny fact: while writing this in the tram, we drive through the main shopping streets. I haven’t been here since the challenge and now I have to admit: yes I am looking forward to get myself some new clothes in fresh spring colours.

There are some other interesting things going on at this stage of the challenge. I have multiple basic shirts and tops which I like to wear underneath a jersey or just with a more flashy skirt. These basics I used to buy quickly when passing a shop. However, these shirts look like old unshaped cloths now. I have never noticed their very short lifecycle until now.  I was used to buying them every now and then without thinking about it, but apparently they can just not keep up for even three months! I now truly believe a qualitative shirt is really worth the money and will even save you money in the end. More importantly, it will save the planet some more waste to process, and an amazingly 2,700 liters of water per shirt to produce the cotton. That is worth considering right?

Lastly, I have one more confession to make: I do have new stuff… Last month it was my birthday and I was being spoiled big time by my lovely friends and family. Among all the presents I got books about the future of fashion and a pilling machine to maintain my clothing (read more about this and other tips here), which means that I can make my clothes look like new.

The electrical lint remover from Sinbo

Not buying new stuff doesn’t seem so difficult in an environment where one gets spoiled. But I will get more into this next time, when we discuss how to get your frequent shot of new stuff without over-consuming. Stay updated!

Ps. In case you missed the whole bday thing, here is a picture of us. We celebrated my birthday and the next day we celebrated Florien’s birthday. She threw a 90’s party and it was a great success as you can see. I wore a yellow velvet jumpsuit that I borrowed from a good friend of mine.


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