Model (but more importantly my oldest friend) Roos Ferrero making her entrance

It’s Thursday and I’m relaxing a bit with my morning coffee. Clothes and mirrors everywhere make it one big mess at home, but I am sitting here with a big smile on my face. Yesterday we hosted a clothing swap together with the ladies from QURE Clothing, at zaak.acht, Rotterdam. It was a success. A big success, because we achieved a lot. 

As a host, it’s always so exciting rather people will attend and like your work. But you know what? We were sold out! How wonderful! I saw familiar faces and new faces. Each one was as appreciated, because this evening was all about connecting. I’m so proud of this evening, so let me take you through the event.

Guests arrived and dinner was served. Foodblogger Blije Bietjes served us a lot of yummy-ness. We had so many vegans and vegetarians attending, that we decided to go with a full vegan menu. And that I find inspiring and a great metaphor for what we aim for in the fashion industry.

Guests enjoying pumpkin soup with basil

I believe that if we all stand up against fast fashion and do our own part as individuals (beautifully said by Vivienne Westwood ‘’buy less, choose well, make it last’’), together we can change the menu of the high-streets, just as what happened with the menu at the clothing swap. This is what Chanel from MUMSTER calls ‘’a positive chain of change’’.

Looks like I am very surprised by what I am saying… Well some facts about the fast fashion industry are still mind blowing.

We were so thrilled to have MUMSTER aka Chanel popping by! She told us about how she, as a young mom, got inspired by the documentary The True Cost (must see!). How was it ethically possible to buy clothes for your kid to only wear a couple of times (they grow so fast) while at the same time you make lives of other kids so miserable? How can you keep on shopping for happiness when you feel down, while making people at the other side of the chain so sad? So the positive chain of change is about you! What you do matters! And if you can inspire one person, only one person, to follow your footsteps, we can make the world a better place.

Chanel from MUMSTER talking about a positive chain of change. Loving her spirit and outfit!

And then QURE, also a great example of how to make a difference. They asked us the question: Why buy, when you can rent? Why new, when it already exists? They pitched the idea of renting. Why? Because you will look good, save money and reduce waste. Doesn’t that sounds promising?

QURE talking about renting instead of buying.

After the talks, when we all had the aim straight and were overwhelmed with positivity (well, at least I felt that way), it was time to open the swap store! There were sóóó many beautiful clothes. That made me wonder; on average, a woman owns 172 pieces of clothing. Can you imagine the immense wardrobe we can create together? Imagine wearing a different outfit every day, without buying new or throwing stuff away. Sounds pretty amazing to me!

So I walked around, see how others thought about it. Guess what, even first-time swappers loved it! I mean, who can resist all that lovable fashion, just to take, while making others happy with yours? I saw people trying on new styles, advising others and connecting with pre-owners. It made me so happy! Making fashion fun, connecting, and seeing our guest walk out with smiles on their faces, a packed bag of new items and a goodiebag with more sustainable fashion inspiration. Mission accomplished! But… to be continued 🙂

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