Queen Maxima, Koekhappen, and more

Woohoo! Tomorrow the Netherlands will turn orange everywhere! For the non-Dutchies: tomorrow it’s Kingsday and on this day we celebrate the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander. It’s basically just a big excuse to get hammered and have a day off (if you don’t work in retail or leisure). For the tourists that keep amusing us by showing up fully dressed in orange on the 30th of April, that date used to be the day when we celebrated our our former Queen, now Princess Beatrix’s birthday. It has already been four years since she has passed on the kingdom to her son (whose birthday is on the 27th of April) so please read some up to date tourist brochures if you are not sure. Or not and keep entertaining us!

When I think of our King, I immediately think of his lovely and always fashionable wife, Queen Maxima. Known for her glistening smile, humour and effortless chic style, the Queen is loved by many. One of Maxima’s favourite brands is Belgian fashion house Natan, as she wore last Kingsday. Other brands that she often wears is Dutch brand Jan Taminiau, Tory Burch, Valentino and Bottega Veneta. An Instagram account called @queenmaxima.same, highlights all of the Queen’s best outfits and outfits worn more than once. Here are some great creations.

Now that you have seen the fabulous outfits of Queen Maxima, what are you going to wear on Kingsday? If you are attending a festival or a party, like the most will do, I won’t advice to dress up as posh as Maxima, since drinks will be flowing everywhere and rain will definitely fall (as usual). Instead, go for something a bit more casual. But what? Last year’s outfit? Why not! No? Hmm oké. What about lending an outfit from your friends? Or look into your mom’s (or dad’s) closet to try something new. You certainly don’t need a whole new outfit, that’s for sure. Work your details girl! My favourite outfit on Kingsday is actually quite basic. I wear something simple like jeans, sneakers and a top and work my way around it. By spicing it up with an orange shawl or tiara (because I’m a princess, duh). Or wearing the colors of our flag: red, white, and blue. A great example of working with small details is an old brooch I wore four years ago (see picture above), which used to be my mom’s. I combined it with an everyday outfit.

Besides partying, another popular and traditional activity on Kingsday, is legally selling your stuff on the street! I love this activity because it promotes entrepreneurship and sustainability by selling pre-loved stuff. When I was little I used to have my own little selling spot almost every Kingsday. The day before I would search my room for old toys and clothes to sell, and pick out my best Maxima inspired outfit. On the day itself I would get up really early to guarantee the best spot to get installed and sell my goods. This was mostly on the street in front of my house or at my local playground where you could also play traditional Dutch games like ‘koekhappen’ . You would earn hardly anything, but gained so much fun by pretending to be a business lady for once! In big cities like Amsterdam they take this activity very seriously. Amsterdam’s biggest park, called the Vondelpark is crowded with stalls and strollers interested to buy something. But also the curbs in front of houses and apartments are packed with fashionista’s selling their last years clothes or amateur chefs making their best Broodje Kroket (a bun with a croquette). Over the years I’ve heard some rumors of ladies snatching away designer bags for only a fraction of the original price!

Me at six years old, dressed up as (at that time) Princess Maxima.


The day after Kingsday you most probably have a hangover and are tired from partying or working all day. The day after that your struggles have hopefully passed and you can decide what to do with your Kingsday outfit! If you have only worked with accessories like I mentioned, you can stuff them in the back of your closet to take it out next year and wear it again or lend it to a friend. If you have bought a whole new outfit: why??? If you don’t want to wear it next year, give it to someone else or transform it into something else. If you partied too hard and it can’t be worn again, find organizations or brands that recycle textile. Oh and by the way, if you’ve decided to wear orange stockings (again why???) and logically don’t want them anymore: donate them to us! We will make a pillow out of it and if it will turn out nicely, we’ll post about it soon.

Me on Kingsday three years ago, desperately trying to get away from a random guy.

Enjoy Kingsday, dance the rain away and be your fabulous self!

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