Usually we like to post updates on sustainable fashion news on social media every now and then. However, this week I’ve decided to write a whole blogpost about the latest sustainable fashion news. There is a lot going on you know. From a new sustainable collection at C&A, to forced labour in a Chinese prison for famous brands. I will inform you all about it in this post!

Forced labour among Chinese prisoners

So let’s start with the most shocking- news. Apparently, in a Chinese prison prisoners have made and packed clothing for various well-known brands such as H&M and C&A under exploiting circumstances. This was said in the Financial Times previous weekend by British ex-journalist and business researcher Peter Humphrey. Humphrey spent two years in a prison in Shanghai after he was arrested for illegally collecting private data from Chinese citizens. According to Humprey, prisoners working full-time earned 15 euros per month. They also earned points that they could spend on a reduction in sentences. Humphrey indicates that it is quite possible that the brands do not know that detainees were working for them. Both H&M and C&A are currently investigating the issue.

Fair Wear Foundation has a new executive director

Picture from Fair Wear Foundation

Alexander Kohnstamm is the foundation’s latest director. With tons of experience at NGO’s and international businesses, Kohnstamm seems fit for the job. Alexander is keen to start his new position; ‘‘In my experience, development goals can only be reached if key stakeholders find common ground and collaborate despite their inherent differences. Specifically, we need to work together on private solutions for social issues. I believe the members, stakeholders and professionals involved in FWF have uniquely positioned the foundation to lead the industry in improving supply chains.’’ Read more about this subject here.


Picture from C&A

C&A is launching a new campaign #Wearthechange to bring sustainable fashion under attention. With the campaign, the brand also hopes to highlight their own efforts in the field of sustainable fashion. C&A has been focusing on sustainable production processes for some time now. For example, the fashion chain is the largest buyer of organic cotton in the textile industry and it has several campaigns on the collection and recycling of old clothing. In 2020, the retailer wants all cotton garments to be made from sustainable materials. The #WearTheChange collection is for male, female and kids and is available at all C&A locations and via the webshop.

By the way, want to know more about sustainable collections from fast fashion brands and our opinion on them? Read it in one of Nadia’s previous posts, here.

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