Monday morning, settled with a cup of coffee in front of my laptop. It’s a new day, a lucky day, because I see Matt & Nat bags are in sale! I have been looking for a new rucksack for some time now, so this is interesting. I search and find some. Before I order, I remember Florien telling me she was looking for a new purse, and this vegan brand is one of her favourites. Indeed she was looking at the online sale at that exact same moment. So I waited for her to decide on a bag and combined our two orders together. By doing this we saved another box, packing material, and a trip from the delivery car. It’s the little things that make a change.

‘’Sustainable fashion is expensive.’’ ‘’Sustainable fashion is boring.’’ ‘’My acts don’t matter.’’ ‘’I am too small to make a change.’’ ‘’Living sustainable is too difficult’’…. and other misunderstandings are what I often hear when talking to people about sustainable fashion.  

Sustainable fashion, according to me, is not about being the best human being possible, not about not owning a single fast fashion item or about opening your own factory to make a change. Nope, being a sustainable fashionista is about being conscious about your wardrobe and your actions, in your own way. If you think that cannot make a difference, then read one of my favorite quotes:

If we all turn into annoying mosquitoes, I bet you change will happen soon!

Hence I like to think about the impact of my actions. It does not mean I never do something unsustainable. Sometimes I shower too long. Sometimes I eat meat. But I am always aware, as much as possible, about my impact. And I always do my upper best to make little changes in my behaviour that eventually will add up. I am not the only one. There are so many inspiring people, just by doing the little things. I propose to introduce ‘Changemaker of the month’!

Are you line-drying your clothes? Do you share your clothes? Have you joined #30wears? Do you host a clothing swap? Do you repair your clothes? Do you ask a shop assistant who made the clothes? Do you tell others about the fashion industry? Do you use a natural washing detergent? If one of the above is ‘yes’ then you are a changemaker! Or if you do some other good thing, of course. I would love to hear your story, to show everyone who thinks being sustainable is too difficult. Because I truly believe that together we can make a change!


Contact me via Facebook, Instagram, email or in the comments below and let’s make you our changemaker of the month!

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