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Photo by Luva Huva

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Although many boyfriends (including mine) always claim that sexy lingerie is a waste since during the moment supreme it will be ripped off in seconds anyway, we can’t deny we like to feel sensual once a blue moon. Always wearing period panties and nude coloured bra’s doesn’t make us feel special. What will, are the following four lingerie brands that besides being absolutely stunning, are also ethical and sustainable produced.

Under Protection

Before I came across the Danish brand Under Protection, I had only found sustainable lingerie brands that were quite basic and a tiny bit boring. Definitely not the underwear to make you feel like the sexiest woman alive. Under Protection has an unique vibe that only a few lingerie brands have, sustainable or not. The materials that they use for their collections are made from bamboo, banana leaves, lyocell, organic cotton and recycled polyester. Thanks to the brand its ethical believes, they have received a certificate from the Fair Wair Foundation. Also, the organic cotton and recycled polyester that Under Protection uses, have been certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Although a bit on the pricy side for some, their exceptional designs, gorgeous patterns and organic materials used, definitely make up for it! Check the brand here.

Florance Bra: €60 +/-
Florance Hipsters: €47,07
Florance Eyemask: €30,93
Florance Hair Tie: €13,45

Do You Green

Based in Paris, France, Do You Green has the typical je ne sais quoi. An explicable quality that is often linked to the French style. Offering both lacy bra’s with underwires and more easy going under- and loungewear, the French brand suits everyone (even men). Besides doing you good, Do You Green also does good to our world. The fabric and lace used for the lingerie is all made in France and compiles of white pine treeprunings. Pine trees need fewer water than cotton and don’t need any chemicals to grow. Just like Under Protection (see above), Do You Green has a OEKO-TEX certificate. This certificate is granted when the materials used by brands are free from harmful substances during all processing levels. Great right? Check the brand here!

Lacy bra without padding and with underwire: €29,00
Men’s boxer: €19,00
(present for the boyfriend?)

Luva Huva

From the UK, Luva Huva was born when founder Joanna was inspired by a piece of vintage fabric and turned it into underwear. With a rustic Suffolk touch, the brand offers extremely feminine lingerie and loungewear. What is especially great, is that the collections Luva Huva offers are limited and all hand made from scratch by a small team in the UK. The materials the brand selects and uses are hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, soy and tencel. Here is a sneak peak of their gorgeous collections. (Am I the only one, or does this model just make everyone fall in love?) Click here to see more on their own website.

Kelly Bra & Brief Set: €79,72
Kelly Crop Top: €45,72

Saint Basics

This is for the day after Valentine’s Day. As you already guessed from its name, this awesome Dutch brand offers high quality basic underwear and loungewear. Saint Basic is perfect for the gals amongst us that don’t find the lacy and unpadded bra’s and thongs comfortable enough and prefer something a bit more simpler. But also for the gals that care for our earth, animals and humans and want nothing to do with child labour and sweatshops. Get comfy on your day off by grabbing yourself a cup of tea and by sofa lounging all day while wearing Saint Basics’s soft eucalyptus hipsters and basic organic (GOTS certified) cotton T-shirts. Check it out here!

St. Sarah Slip:  €14,95
St. Isabel T-Shirt: €35,00


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